Ready to start a farm of your own? We can help.


The Seed Farm Farm Business Incubator was created to meet the needs of new farmers that did not grow up on farms and therefore lack access to land, equipment, and capital.

On our 42-acre site, we provide access to land, infrastructure, equipment, and mentoring in order to break down the barriers to farm entry. We can help connect you with service providers, new markets, even promotional opportunities while you build a solid foundation for your farm business.


Resources available to incubator farmers include:

  • 1/8 – 5 acres of land per farm;

  • cooler, greenhouse, and dry storage space;

  • tractors and implements;

  • wash/pack facilities;

  • water and irrigation system;

  • mentoring and technical assistance;

  • ongoing training opportunities.




Kegan Hilaire, BlackBird Farms

Kegan Hilaire of Blackbird Farms, now in his second season at The Seed Farm, is growing Certified Organic diversified vegetable crops on four acres for his CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program, farmers markets, and wholesale accounts.

Michelle Wagner, Sun Drop Farm of PA

Michelle Wagner of Sun Drop Farm of PA, in her second season, grows vegetables on a quarter acre for her farmers market stand.

Gustavo Lopez

Gustavo Lopez has worked hard to become GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) Certified to sell his basil to wholesale clients in his third season.

Amber Officer-Narvasa, Star Apple Farm

Amber Officer-Narvasa of Star Apple Farm is growing on a quarter acre with a focus on Caribbean and Southeast Asian heritage crops and is selling at two farmers markets in Philadelphia. This is Amber’s first season at The Seed Farm.

Amirah Mitchell, Sistah Seeds

Amirah Mitchell of Sistah Seeds, on one acre in her first season, is producing seed crops of heirloom vegetables, herbs, and grains from across the African Diaspora, with a focus on African American, Afro-Caribbean and West African cultural crops.

Billy McCullough, Blue Sun Botanicals

Billy McCullough of Blue Sun Botanicals is starting his first season on one acre, growing culinary herbs and spices for mixes.

Wilson Allen, Golden Trout Greens

Wilson Allen of Golden Trout Greens is spending his first season setting up his one acre of land in preparation for fall crops.